Raising Confident Kids

posted Jul 16, 2012, 7:23 AM by L2L Admin   [ updated Feb 9, 2013, 5:39 PM by Irfan Hyder ]

L2L Talk by Dr Irfan Hyder. July 14, Saturday, 2012

  • Meaning of Confidence 
  • Self confidence, self assurance 
    • Someone who is sure about his potential 
    • Self awareness about strengths, weaknesses 
    • Ability to express and communicate with confidence and press one's point of view.
  • How to use existing strengths to cope with unexpected results 
  • Initiative to try new things and volunteer for new situations 
  • Ability to take on and face
    • New challenges 
    • New situations
    • New people 
    • New places 
    • New gadgets 
    • New ways of doing things 
  • Coping and overcoming fear 
    • Fear of unknown
    • Unknown people, unknown situations, unknown places, unknown conditions, unknown results 
    • Fear of failure
  • In our culture, there is an inordinate cost of failure 
    • Educated and trained to see failure as crime 
    • Once Edison was asked, didn’t you get discouraged when you tried a thousand times to build a bulb and failed a thousand times. He replied. No, my dear, I just considered building a bulb, as a thousand step procedure. 
  • Fear of embarrassment, peer pressure, fear of being laughed at, made fun of 
  • Fear of reproach: Reproach by the society; going against the norms, for unfavorable results 
  • What could we have done, if we knew that we will not fail. See talk on ted.com
    • This opens the possibilities for doing so many new things.
  • External sources of strength vs internal sources of strength
    • Why people go for branded clothes, fancy gadget, flashy car, exotic jewelry and other material acquisitions. 
    • Signifies worry about their internal self worthlessness
    • Internal qualities, self awareness would not make them need such external props.
A questionnaire was distributed to evaluate ability of parents to raise confident kids. Write to hyder@L2Lacademy.org if you want to use this tool for self evaluation.