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L2L Aloha Mind Maths

L2L offered an IQ enhancing mind arithmetic development program in collaboration with Aloha Pakistan from March 2012 to May 2013. 
 Aloha international  had a proven record in over 28 countries with over 5 million registered students. 
This program is based on centuries old proven abacus technology originally developed in China. Develops mind arithmetic IQ and remarkable computational skills.

Turn your kids into math genius

  • Develops speed, accuracy and prompt decision making in young students.
  • Develops greater concentration and observation skills.
  • Develops increases memory power and quick recall.
  • Develops complex analytical and processing skills.
  • Develops Listening skills. 
  • Develops focus and mind power.
The program was available as part of the L2L Academy's curriculum for the L2L enrolled students. 

L2L Academy Curriculum: Students enrolled full time in L2L Academy from  March 2012 to May 2013 got the benefit of Aloha program as a part of their curriculum with at least two classes every week. There were no additional Aloha fees for regular students of L2L Academy. 

L2L Aloha Junior Program (4-14 years): This was an after-school Aloha Junior program spread over 3 years. Consisting of ten 4-month semesters, the students enrolled in this program progress from level 1 to level 10. They got a certificate for each successful completion of a level and after completion of the ten levels become the proud owners of the Aloha International Degree. 

L2L Aloha Summer Program: This was offered during summer holidays and was a crash program for developing mind arithmetic skills. For students ages 4-14 years.

Aloha IQ Mind Arithmetic Demo

Charges and Fees 

A few of the positive benefits of undergoing the program are:

Greater concentration Improved reading writing and learning skills
Keen Listening skills Better Memory
Better reflexes Sharper observation
Better application skills Self - confidence
Improved analytical skills Better expression
Better creative and imaginative skills Better comprehension and calculation skills

Abacus Basics