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Talks on Education by Dr Irfan Hyder. Follow Dr Irfan Hyder's blog on Education, Life and Learning for his latest contributions in the following areas:

Redefining the "education paradigm" and bringing on the learning revolution.
Snippets from a series of workshops and talks conducted at L2L. The talks have now been uploaded into Dr Irfan Hyder's Blog: Life and Learning

 Raising Confident Kids  July 14, 2012
 L2L Brief Tour 
 Insult to Intelligence 2011-03-20
 Mythical Bell Curve for Student Evaluations__ Conflict with Islamic Conception 
 Are we concerned about our children's education 
 Holistic Learning  2010-11-14
 Learning by doing vs learning through lecturing 
 School Discipline vs Prison Discipline 2011-05-08
 Failing and Making Mistakes is not a Crime 2011-05-29
 Syllabus Coverage vs Understanding 2011-04-24
 Does bad grades mean your child is weak 2011-04-17
 Checklist for Parents: How is my child doing at school 2011-04-03
 Seven Lessons of Schooling 2011-03-27
 Facts based Learning vs Activity Based Learning 2011-06-19
 How Maths is Made Difficult  2011-07-03
 Grading = degrading 
 Authentic Assessment 
 Cover vs Uncover 
 PBL vs Conventional Lecturing Method 
 Educational Requirements for the 21st Century 
 Does Discipline Mean "Sit still, Keep Quiet"! 
 Curiosity in children. How to nurture and extend it to discovery  2011-01-30
 Reading and Books 2011-05-22
 Education and Globalization  2011-06-12
 Facts based lecturing vs activity based learning  2011-06-19

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