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Learning is Fun


  • Encourages participants to readily engage in activities of their liking.
  • A state of the art class room environment without strict regimentation of a school.
  • Encourages, not forces the children to attend. 
  • A fun environment that is not considered a burden by children.
  • Appreciates and nurtures the talents of children
  • Holistic Learning 

    Experience the thrill of curiosity, exploration and discovery.
    Experience the pleasure of reading, talking, presenting and elocution.
    Develop self confidence, learn to take initiative.
    Enjoy research, interviews, observation, group discussions, and surveys. 
    Get interested in books and other resources.
    Visualizing History

    Project Based Learning

    Exposure to different trades such as carpentery, pottery, builder, etc. 

    Intellectually challenging games, strategy games, chess, simulations
    Art work: Such as activities shown in M.A.D program on pogo 


    Field visits, “how is it made”, industry visits
    Fun experiments using microscope, lens, chemicals, levers
    Exciting experiments such as those in F.A.Q or Pogo programs

    Learning by Doing Activities

    Book reading, elocution, poetry, bayt baazi
    Story  telling, joke telling, experience sharing
    Story improvising, video making, sound editing
    Experiments and observation of insect life cycle, animal behavior, plants, trees, eco system


    Telescope, mirrors, forces, star gazing
    Movies and documentaries describing great achievements, wonders, lives of great men, history