Why choose L2L?

Why Should You Choose L2L Academy

You should choose L2L Academy for the education of your kids, IF:

  • You want your child to be a source of happiness and pride for himself, his family, and his community.

  • You want your child to be a visionary leader and a trail blazer.

  • You want your child to have a character worthy of being a Muslim and a Pakistani

  • You want your child to be happy, curious and earnest about education and learning.

  • You want your child to be an innovator and a thinker; not just a docile employee who has only learned to say "yes-sir".

  • You don't want to be sitting in a typical Parent-Teacher-Meeting and being blamed for the performance of your child.

  • You don't want your child to be blamed for the deficiencies that you know are not there and were not there before he/she went to school.

L2L advantages and features

Real life problems are multidisciplinary and defy strict compartmentalization of subject boundaries.

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Learning is Fun

Encourages participants to readily engage in activities of their liking.

A state of the art class room environment without strict regimentation of a school.

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L2L Vision

L2L club's vision is to develop its members as leaders in creating and building enterprises.

Each member is instrumental in creating at least one institution/enterprise that produces a significant impact on the quality of life

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L2L curriculum is mapped to Key Stages-1 to Key Stage-4 of the UK national curriculum. Learning outcomes, concepts and the assessment criteria of the UK curriculum are used to select the projects and activities used in PBL (Project Based Learning) to ensure that the students have an appropriate foundation for their O/A Level exams.

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