Multiple Intelligence Clubs

Theory of Multiple Intelligence provides a structure for organizing projects and activities and helps in assessing that a well rounded coverage is obtained after every term. Synopsis of activities during a typical month at L2L Academy indicates the range and extent of learning taking place. This is understanding based approach rather than rote learning of concepts for passing the exams. Following clubs provide an umbrella under which activities for each of the eight multiple intelligences are organized:

Literary Club

Hyde Park, storytelling, riddles, debating, kasauti, puppet show, poems, drama, recitation, rhythms, rhymes, elocution

Contemplators Club

Reflection, personal goal setting, individual projects, journal log keeping, initiative, self reading, self-confidence, attitude, perspective, time management

Nature Club

Watching birds, clouds, insects, habitats, plants, stars, rocks, garden, animals, nature walk, field trips

Events Club

Events organization, group learning, clubs, peer & cross age teaching, social work, brainstorming,

Health & Sports Club

Exercise, physical education, play ground activities, field sports, karate, skating

Research Club

Reading, exploring, internet search, book making, researching, process writing, writing journals, scheduling, planning

Science/Maths Club

Problem solving, measuring, coding, sequencing, critical thinking, predicting, logical games, science experiments, puzzles, classifying, modeling, money transactions, geometry, maps, quantities & relationships, properties

Arts n Craft Club

Graphing, photography, visual metaphors & stories, 3D projects, painting, illustrating, sketching, patterning, visual puzzles, origami, pottery, flower arrangements