Learning How to Make Remote Controlled Robots: Workshop

Post date: Jan 31, 2014 1:41:28 AM

A workshop designed for students to stimulate their interest in science and hands-on work.

To encourage students to make science as their hobby.

Learning the basic principles of putting together a remote controlled robotic machine.

  • For: Students aged 11-17 years.

  • Starting from Saturday 8th February. [Due to uncertain city situation, this first session is now moved to Sunday Feb 9. Sorry for inconvenience]

  • Duration: 18 hours spread over six Saturdays. Time 11am-2pm.

  • Per session time: 3 hours.

  • Number of sessions: 06.

  • Location: L2L Academy, 201/O 2 PECHS Karachi, Pakistan

  • Map and info: www.L2Lacademy.org

Workshop Description

  • Students will get knowledge about robotics and about making robots.

  • A head-start in robotics education

  • Mechanical structures and their underlying physics

  • Basics of Remote Control

  • Students to construct their own remote controlled robot

  • Types and functionality of various robots

  • Use of different tools i.e. multimeter, soldering iron, Vernier Calliper etc…

  • Electronic hardware making

  • Basics of software programming

  • Learning the use of simulation software

  • A certificate to be awarded on successful completion of the workshop

  • Opportunity to sell/exhibit the robot in an auction at the upcoming grand ‘March Garage’ Exhibition.