L2L Academy

L2L (Learn to Learn) Academy is a school with a state-of-the-art educational environment that encourages kids to enthusiastically engage in learning activities. L2L is inspired by the latest research in learning approaches and their implementation in state of the art schools in the developed world.

The stimulating educational environment of L2L is a fun environment for learning. It encourages the students to learn on their own without coercion without the need for strict regimentation of classrooms. Designed for developing curiosity, the environment appreciates and nurtures the talents of children and enables them to aspire for excellence and to strive for their best.

  • L2L provides an exciting and an inviting environment that encourages self learning

  • L2L enables the participants to learn techniques for self learning

  • L2L ignites a curiosity to explore and discover and passion for research

  • L2L weans off the participants from a debilitating dependence on tutors and tuition culture for passing O/A Level examinations.

  • L2L develops self confidence and attitude for taking responsibility of our lives

  • L2L develops motivation for the pursuit of excellence

Why Should You Choose L2L Academy

You should choose L2L Academy for the education of your kids, IF:

  • You want your child to be a source of happiness and pride for himself, his family, and his community.

  • You want your child to be a visionary leader and a trail blazer.

  • You want your child to have a character worthy of being a Muslim and a Pakistani

  • You want your child to be happy, curious and earnest about education and learning.

  • You want your child to be an innovator and a thinker; not just a docile employee who has only learned to say "yes-sir".

  • You don't want to be sitting in a typical Parent-Teacher-Meeting and being blamed for the performance of your child.

  • You don't want your child to be blamed for the deficiencies that you know are not there and were not there before he/she went to school.


We at L2L believe that children learn on their own given the right environment and stimuli. We do not need coercion and behavior manipulation (rewards and punishments) for teaching purposes. Our role is to inspire the children through personal example, produce a conducive environment and facilitate them in their learning and realizing their inherent potential.

  • L2L produces independent thinkers and learners

  • L2L relies on mentors and facilitators, instead of teachers/lecturers, for making sure that learners are actively involved in projects and the learning objectives are achieved.

  • L2L considers parents as strategic members of the academy and appreciates their participation in the design and facilitation of projects.


Learn to Learn

“Learning how to learn by learning how to think makes a well-educated

person. Learning how to learn not only expands the mind. It also gives you a lifelong asset. Once you have it, it stays with you for the rest of your life.”

(T. Kaori Kitao, 1999)

        • Test of Intelligence

              • Test of Intelligence is not "how much we know how to do", but

              • "how we behave when we don't know what to do".

              • John Holt in "How Children Fail"

        • What Does it Mean to be Well Educated

            • John Dewey reminded us that the goal of education is more education. To be well educated, then, is to have desire as well as the means to make sure that learning never ends.

              • Alfie Kohn in "What does it mean to be well educated"