Junior Scientists STEM Summer Camp

Children from grade 5 to grade 7 are included in junior scientist group, projects and competitions related to basic science and engineering fields such as mechanical, civil, electrical and robotics are designed for the students. The fundamental concepts, principles along with their application regarding these fields will be explained to students. They will work as individuals, by forming group to develop team working and leadership skills, also they will present and explain their project to other students that to enhance their presentation skills.

  • June 1 – June 28

  • Time 10am to 1pm

  • Duration: 12 days: 3 days per week (Monday to Wednesday)

  • Group Discount: 10% discount for group of 5 kids

For more information: Call 0336 5549509, 021 34535041, info@l2lacademy.org, facebook.com/L2Lacademy

This is being run in collaboration with Pakistan Science Club

Read more about Projects Outline

Projects Outline

  • Introduction about Pakistan Science Club, safety precautions, tool use

Fun science activities . (Science Magic)


  • Does fire need air to burning.

  • Spinning Eggs

  • Where is your center of gravity?

  • Sound rings.

  • Tornado in bottle.

  • What color is white

  • What does a prism do to light?

Sample Projects Individual


This includes basic robotics concept which is a combination of mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer sciences and deals with construction and designing of many helpful things that make human life easier, safer and faster. Students will learn the use of simple microcontroller (arduino) and make simple circuits and projects.


The making of glider enables to understand the mechanism and the dynamics of an aircraft. This project will help students to decipher the basic principles of aerodynamics and mechanical engineering involved in designing of an aero plane.

Wireless Electricity

Like many other, electricity is also a form of energy that requires medium to pass through which are known as conductors. What if it can also be conducted wirelessly?? In this project we learn about transmission of electricity with the help of a simple tesla coil.

Wind Turbine

It is an obvious fact that fossil fuel is depreciating very fast and has a big disadvantage of carbon emission that is causing environmental hazards. The world is now moving towards alternative and clean energy resources, one of which is wind energy. It can be transformed into various forms of energy by different methods and wind turbine is one of the best methods to transform wind energy into electrical energy.

Hydraulic Lift

A mechanical engineering project that follows Pascal’s law and allows students to investigate and apply the principles of hydraulics and its application in daily life by making a working model of lift.

Water Rocket

A water rocket is a type of model rocket and is made by the used plastic bottles and ordinary household items. It is an interesting project to explain the working and aerodynamics of a rocket, use of pressurized air and significance of projectile motion.

DC Motor

How different forms of energy can be converted into one another, DC motor is one of the answers. It is used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and is used in many applications e.g. toys, household application and in industries also.


Hologram is a physical object that uses principles of reflection and refraction into a 3D image. The image that appears to be an illuminated object can be seen normally and indistinguishable from actual object.

Tall Tower

Tall tower activity is an interesting structural and designing based learning for students. Kids will have to design such a tower with the help of material provide that can hold weight of a tennis ball up to 2 minutes.09

Group Projects

Hover Craft

Hover craft is an interesting project which is used to teach the students about air pressure and friction between surfaces. Target will be given to students to work in a team and make a hovercraft that is able to lift weight of at least one student.

Hand Power Electric Generator

Generation of electricity has been an important phenomenon since a very long time. With the help of hand power generator, the fundamental principles, construction and working of generator can be explained.

Building Bridge Competition

It is basically a civil engineering project. Building of bridge from Popsicle sticks is a worth learning project for students to understand the rules of mechanics, force distribution, effect and significance of structures in construction. The competition is based on the efficiency of the bridge i.e. weight lift by the bridge.

Solar Car

Solar energy is one of the renewable resources of energy and is commonly used in all parts of the world for many purposes; solar car is basically the idea of non-fossil fuel car. Student will work as a team of engineers in this group project which will help them to learn about the construction and working principle of all parts of a vehicle.