Young Scientists STEM Summer Camp

Young scientist includes students from grade 8 to grade 12. The activities will address the basic concept about different engineering fields such asmechanical, electrical, civil and computer science etc. and the application of their various concepts like aerodynamics, induction, diffraction and interference phenomenon in these projects. Students will work by themselves, will do different competitions in teams or groups for team developing skills and the explanation of the projects will help them to enhance their confidence, presentation and communication capabilities.

    • June 1 – June 28

    • Time 10am to 1pm

    • Duration: 12 days: 3 days per week (Monday to Wednesday)

    • PSC Members discount : 10% discount

    • Group Discount: 10% discount for group of 5 kids

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In collaboration with Pakistan Science Club

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Hands-on Science Projects


    • Learn about wind energy and wind turbines, robotics, engineering, flight, civil engineering, Mechatronics

    • Learn about engineering design.

    • Learn how engineering can help solve society's challenges

Anticipated Learner Outcomes

As a result of these projects students should develop an understanding of:

    • wind energy, Motion, aerospace, space flight, Robotics

    • interaction of technology and societal issues

    • engineering design

    • teamwork

Course outline

Individual Projects


This includes basic robotics concept which is a combination of mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer sciences and deals with construction and designing of many helpful things that make human life easier, safer and faster. Students will learn the use of simple microcontroller (arduino) and make circuits such as traffic signal and LED blinking.

Two Wheel Robot

It’s always been interesting for student to design their own vehicle or robot, student will learn in groups to make their own two wheel robot that can be made from simple things and can be controlled wirelessly or by RF remote control system.

Tesla Coil

Tesla coil is an interesting experiment to learn about the generation, induction and transformation phenomenon of electricity. It can be made easily by using simple things and is used for wireless conduction of electricity.

Wind Turbine

As the world is now moving towards alternative and clean energy resources, one of which is wind energy. It can be transformed into various forms of energy by different methods and wind turbine is one of the best methods to transform wind energy into electrical energy. A group of students will make an efficient wind turbine by considering designing all parts e.g. blades, tail etc. by themselves.

Water Rocket

A water rocket is a type of model rocket and is made by the used plastic bottles and ordinary household items. It is an interesting project to explain the working and aerodynamics of a rocket, use of pressurized air and significance of projectile motion. Students will be given to hit the target by their rocket.

Three Layer Holograph

Hologram is a physical object that uses principles of reflection and refraction into a 3D image. The image that appears to be an illuminated object can be seen normally and indistinguishable from actual object. The three layer holograph can be made by using simple CD case to see the working of different phenomenon of light.

Alternating Current AC Generator

Generation of electricity has been an important phenomenon since a very long time. Alternating current generator or dynamo is a device used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. With the help of AC generator, the fundamental principles, construction and working of generator can be explained.

Wireless Electricity Car

Like many other, electricity is also a form of energy that requires medium to pass through which are known as conductors. What if it can also be conducted wirelessly?? In the project student learn about transmission of electricity wirelessly by induction phenomenon and use of the transmitted electricity to drive a car.

Application Development For Android

The development and use of various applications become very popular around the world, the use of these applications make life faster and easier on our finger tips. To meet the need of basic awareness regarding this field of science, students will be guided to make simple android application by using MIT app. inventor.

Open Day/Projects Exhibition day:

At the end of summer camp student’s work will display and families of students and other institute’s students can visit open day in this day fun science session and any competition entertain to the visitors.


Building Bridge Competition

It is basically a civil engineering project. Building of bridge from Popsicle sticks is a worth learning project for students to understand the rules of mechanics, force distribution, effect and significance of structures in construction. The competition is based on the efficiency of the bridge i.e. weight lift by the bridge.

Water Rocket Challenge

Water Rocket Challenge is a great day out which sees teams of racketeers take to the skies with their own water rockets!

Glider Competition

The making of glider enables to understand the mechanism and the dynamics of an aircraft. This project will help students to decipher the basic principles of aerodynamics and mechanical engineering involved in designing of an aero plane. The students will have a competition for maximum range glider and discuss the efficient aerodynamic structure.