Authentic Assessment

If testing and examination are such a wonderful idea, why there are no monthly or quarterly tests in every organization, government department, office, parliament, company, friends or marriage etc? Why only the children have to be subjected during school. Even for obtaining a PhD, you do not have to appear in the final written test (there is of course a presentation and an oral defense).

Suppose husbands start giving a test every month to their wives and wives start doing it for their husbands, would you think the institution of marriage would survive. What would happen if the employee is forced to appear in a written test every month and the boss in turn gets tested by higher management. What amount of distrust and illwill would this produce. Neither the marriage would survive nor the organization would be able to surprise.

Fundamental assumption behind a student examination in which the test paper is kept secret is that the student can not be trusted. The result of this mistrust actually leads to the following behavior: examiner always tries to catch the student off-guard, and the student is continously trying to preempt the examiner by pulling a fast one.

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Authentic assessment is the measurement of "intellectual accomplishments that are worthwhile, significant, and meaningful," as compared to multiple choice standardized tests.[2] Authentic assessment can be devised by the teacher, or in collaboration with the student by engaging student voice. When applying authentic assessment to student learning and achievement, a teacher applies criteria related to “construction of knowledge, disciplined inquiry, and the value of achievement beyond the school.